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Discover How To Boost Your Immune System, Tone Up, Drop Up To 10Ibs And Even Drop  A Jean Size With Our


Studies have shown that keeping fit will help towards protecting you from Covid-19. That is why we have moved our sessions online so that you can start getting fitter, healthier and have the peace of mind that you're doing everything you can to keep your immune system as strong and healthy as possible

Here Is How We Will Help You Succeed


Sessions are not pre-recorded. They are ALL LIVE sessions coached by our trainers to ensure you're getting the most out of all your sessions. They will ensure your technique is correct and hold you accountable. Not only that, you will also be training with a community of like-minded people.


We take away all the confusion and miss information out there and provide you with simple, easy to implement changes that will have a huge impact on your health and fitness. You won't have to eat boring bland foods either. You will still be able to eat the foods you love. 


Like some other options available just now, you will actually get to interact with your coach. Every member assigned their own personal coach who will keep you accountable every day and have a regular weekly check-in via our app to ensure you are making the right progress. 


Increase your energy levels and boost your metabolism meaning you will burn more calories at rest

Feel more confident and focused on your training and nutrition. have a clear plan of what you need to do

+ Boost your immune system




Start to notice changes in your arms, legs and stomach. Your body will be getting stronger and more toned

Feel more alter and energised throughout the day. No more afternoon energy crashes


+ Built new habits that you can sustain for life. You will have gained momentum and nothing will stop you from reaching your goals and looking amazing




+ Your clothes will fit better and friends and family will notice a difference in your shape

+ Your confidence will be sky high

+ You'll be a stronger and fitter version of yourself

+ You'll be shopping for new clothes and outfits for when the lockdown is over

+ More toned legs, arms and stomach

+ Overall, you will feel amazing



+ You want to improve your fitness and drop some body fat but don't know where to start

+ You want more energy and want to feel better in yourself


+ You want to improve your nutrition

+ You want to learn how to incorporate your new fitness regime into your busy lifestyle

If so then you have come to the right place...

Getting in the best shape of your life can be tough if you don't have the right coaching team, community and accountability that will help you reach your health and fitness goals. When you have all of those things in place you have just made things a whole lot easier.

If you're fed up and frustrated with not knowing what to do next in your fitness journey AND want to get in the BEST shape of your life then East Kilbride Fitness Centre can help you. We can help you take all the guesswork away and give you a simple and effective plan to get you the best results in the shortest time possible. 

East Kilbride Fitness Centre is considered an authority when it comes to helping people just like you get in the best SHAPE of your life.

Regardless of where you are currently at on your health and fitness journey, we can show you how to reclaim your body fast and achieve your health and fitness dreams. 


"Truly grateful!

I feel very lucky to have found EK Fitness Centre and 'simply the best' training team, Ian & Amy. 💙

The sessions and programmes are so well thought out and can be tailored to suit my level of fitness (and aches & pains!). There's support and advice on technique and nutrition both in the gym during sessions or via FB inner circle. As well as this, there is encouragement galore not just from Ian and Amy but from the other members too. We are a community! ❤

With the recent coronavirus pandemic causing the closure of the gym for a period of time, I was worried I'd fall off the fitness & nutrition bandwagon with old habits creeping back in. Fear not! Ian very quickly set up an online programme (and more!) and within no time, zoom sessions were up and running several times a day! In addition, Ian has loaned some gym equipment to members, has been running FB live sessions, daily wellness challenges and weekly check-ins! Generally helping to keep us all sane during this unprecedented time in the world.

#riseasone 💛

EK Fitness Centre is not just a gym; it's a community with a fighting spirit, a sanctuary and I'm proud to be a member.


"I have been with EK Fitness since 2013 and I would never go anywhere else. During the lockdown of COVID-19, I was worried about not being able to go to the gym....however Ian brought the gym to our homes! He very quickly set up online training via ZOOM which was amazing. We are able to join our normal session times and continue to see all the amazing people we have there. Ian is able to replicate the exercises that we would do in the gym and bring these into our homes. Ian continues to keep our spirits up in these most awful times and is always checking in to make sure we are ok. Even the weekly pub quiz/bingo is the highlight of my week now.

Thank you, Ian, for everything you are doing, for continuing to believe in us and for pushing us. You really are a top boss 👍🏻"

"Best gym ever.
Have been a member of the gym for 2 years.
Ek fitness has literally made me love working out, it’s more than a gym with the amount of support and guidance you get from the team and the other members.
During this difficult time, Ian and Amy have kept the momentum going and spirits high with the live training sessions and it’s made me enjoy working out in the house (which I didn’t think was possible).
Couldn’t recommend them more!
Proud to be part of such a supportive gym 😊"