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8 weeks down and I feel like a new person

Over the last 8 weeks, Rachael has been consistent with her training. She always gets in 3 weight training sessions and when time allows, she will get her 2 cardio-based sessions. More often than not, she is training a minimum of 4 times per week.

She has said goodbye to the scales and instead focussed her attention on getting stronger in the gym. Each session she is pushing herself to try and lift a little more than previous, squeeze an extra rep or set in.

The biggest change has come in the form of consistency. Rachael would train hard for 4-6 weeks then miss a couple of weeks here and there and not really see any real progress. She was a bit like a dog chasing its tail. Put the work in, but never get to the end result.

Her nutrition has taken care of itself really. We put a plan in place 8 weeks ago with the aim of hitting her calorie target, get protein in with each meal and 2 litres of water each day. That was about as fancy as it got.

We allowed some room for flexibility so she can go out at the weekend and socialise or enjoy a takeaway with her boyfriend at the weekend. This helped massively for sanity levels because she never deprived herself of anything. If she wanted something, she had it but made sure she tracked it on MyFitness Pal.

I could not be prouder of Rachael for taking control of her training. She is a dream to coach and she deserves her amazing results. She has worked hard for them.

Well done Rachael!