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Post Workout Nutrition

There isn’t too much difference between pre and post-workout food. The only thing would be to have a bigger serving of protein as it will help with recovery and building lean muscle.

Also, do not fear carbs. They are important for after workouts too. Carbs are our body's main source of energy and they are broken down and stored in our muscles for when we need them.

We train, expend the energy so we then need to re-stock those energy levels. We do this by eating some carbs and if you DON’T, your body will look at other sources to re-stock energy levels and the last thing we want is for it to start breaking down your muscles. This is where some carbs come in.

This does not mean your muscles will fall off 5 minutes after working out. This would only occur over a period of time and if you stay low carb for too long. You want to eat something after working out as quickly as you can.

Some say it has to be 30 minutes after working out. There is no time frame or window, just aim to get something in your system as quickly as you can.

A protein shake would be one of the quickest ways

Here is an example of what a post-workout meal might look like this:

> Chicken Breast, steamed veggies, and some rice

> Salmon Fillet, Medium-sized Sweet Potato, steamed veggies

> Sirloin steak, White potatoes, steamed broccoli, and avocado

> Wholewheat Pasta, tomato sauce, lean steak mince, seasoning

If your training 6 am then a post-workout meal could be:

> Protein shake

> Eggs - any kinds

> Toast and if you had eggs too that would be a perfect combo of protein, fat, and carbs (Y)

These meals are quick and simple to make and cover all bases. They have protein, carbs and veggies. No ‘superfoods’ or ‘clean’ foods. Just simple, basic, and single-ingredient foods that work.

To summarise:


> Aim for 1-2 hours before training but not essential.

> Carbs, protein, veggies

> A coffee is the perfect pre-workout drink.

> Not essential but can help if you feel you need the extra energy



> Slightly higher protein to aid muscle recovery and build muscle

> DON’T fear carbs. They will restore energy levels and leave muscle intact

> Green veggies and as much as you like

> Timing, not a major factor. Just aim to have something as quickly as you can but don’t stress

> Protein shakes are allowed and convenient way to get protein into your system quickly.

If want me to explain something in more detail give me a shout :-)

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