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You can’t fuck this up

Have you ever went out for dinner and ate enough food for a small army only then to get worried and racked with the fear that you’ve fucked your progress up?

Have you ever been sick, injured or missed some sessions due to work and had the same feelings?

Truth is you can’t fuck this up

I don’t care if you consumed 5,000 calories more than you were supposed to.

You didn’t fuck up

If you missed a workout or two this month

You didn’t fuck it up

Last night I went to Carrigans and had a huge dinner followed by a door stepped size of sticky toffee pudding

Guess what, I have fucked up

The only what you will fuck it up is if you give in altogether.

Otherwise, it’s hard to fuck it up

If you get right back on track then you will keep making progress.

Don’t use the excuse you fucked up let you fall off track or stay off track.

It’s not a valid excuse and as long as you get right back on track, you’re all good.

Fitness is supposed to be fun. It’s supposed to make you smile, feel confident and proud.

It’s not a competition.

Don’t rush it. There is no rush to see who can get to the end the quickest.

Focus on you, your goals and your actions and remember

You can’t fuck this up.



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P.P.S This 5 day meal plan includes 2 days worth of eating from the weekend

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